Hot Music For Party Animals

party-animalsA lot of people believe that choosing music for your party can be an agonizing experience that should take hours of surfing through YouTube and local music stores to find what will ‘kill it’ for the revelers. Matters could never be further from the truth. Hosts and DJs preparing to rock the prom or homecoming parties especially may spend a lot of hours agonizing over the music to play during the party.

Here are the basics about selecting prom and homecoming music for the party animals who will be pouring themselves on the dancefloor. Here is one place where formalities have been fed to the dogs. The prom and homecoming dresses may remain the same, but the prom and homecoming parties are not what they used to be. You don’t play waltz the whole night of the prom party, unless you are willing to drive the masses away and force yourself out of the decks table.

First thing you need to consider is the theme of the party. Don’t get fooled by the prom dresses, most teens are out to have the best time of their lives and they would like you to play music that reflects their ideals, not music that imposes on them what the society wants of them. Homecoming might be a little different, and you may need to gauge the feeling of the revelers before you decide to experiment on the modern beats.

When selecting the party to rock the party it is also important to keep in mind that the tempo of the beat will set the mood for the party. Slow music will slacken the party while a quick beat will mean that the fans on the dance floor will be feeling the temptation to shed off the formal prom dresses for something short and chic. Avoid music that is overly boring. Upbeat music on the other hand might only be good for a rave. If you find the middle ground, you will be good to roll.

Some party music advisors will tell you to consider the age of your guests before settling on a playlist. Good advice. But the prom party will probably be attended by younglings wearing short prom dresses and this is not the place to put the advice into play. You will however have to watch for school prom party regulations. Do they allow just any type of music or are there restrictions?

You will also need to make sure that you have catered for the diversity of the audience. Some schools are located in interracial and interclass neighborhoods where your selection of music is bound to be critically interpreted. If such is the scenario, you will need to make sure that you have standardized your playlist to reflect on this diversity.

The next important point to consider is to examine what part music is going to play during the party. Do you want it to be the main source of entertainment or will it be serving as background noise for conversations and such? If you want the revelers to put their best foot forward and their homecoming dresses waltzing, you will have to choose music that is danceable.

Basic Musical Toys for Kids

Drum set kidLetting your young ones engage with musical instruments is no doubt one of the best things that you can offer to them at such young age. Firstly, music can actually improve their listening and motor skills, especially if you draw them close to musical instruments that require them to obtain coordination in their eyes, hands, and feet like a drum set. Apart from that, studies show that children who are inclined to music are more behaved and respectful that those who are not. Here’s a list of some of the best musical toys that you can wrap for your active tots from ages 2-6 years old.

Drum Set – This should be the first type of musical instrument to check out, especially if the young tot is a boy. He will surely love to set his hands, feet, and emotions on this set of disc-shaped items that makes rhythmic sounds when banged with its sticks. In addition to that, the bass drum, which works by stepping on your foot, makes the play more challenging for them. When finding a drum set, choose one that is appropriate to her or his age. Avoid getting one that’s too light or too heavy for the kid. You can also find eco-friendly drum sets in the market that already comes with other instruments, particularly percussion instruments. After all, it would really be nice if he could play with his other friends and act out like they’re having a concert at home.

Xylophone – It is one of the most sought after type of musical instruments in the market. Children ages 2-6 years old can play with xylophone and they can create different tunes anytime wherever they want to tap its mallet with. Popular kiddie stores like ToysRUs are selling xylophones with colourful bars. Some bars even have drawings, letters, and shapes to further stimulate the kid’s cognitive development. Definitely, having a toy xylophone at home with such features in it will definitely make learning more fun for the little ones.

Kiddie Size Piano – This instrument is best for those who are aspiring to become the new Beethoven. Pianos keep their fingers, eyes, and feet coordinated and it’ll also help them stretch those little fingers from time to time. Most pianos for kids come with simple songs to practice through.

DJ Player – Fisher Price is one of the leaders of kiddie toys and they got some of the best DJ/Radio musical pieces in their branches. Though this is not a musical instrument, it’s equipped with tons of songs that kids could listen and sing along with through the use of a microphone. They will definitely love singing over and over again since they can hear their own voice when they use the microphone, so it will make them feel like they’re singing the real thing.

The Effects of Eliminating Music Classes

les-mis-poster-main-630x350During these times when we experience economic crisis, a lot of schools have been hit and mostly affected by a series of budget cuts. A number of schools especially in Pennsylvania were coerced to omit gym classes from their original curriculum due to the lank of fiscal capabilities to fund it. The truth of the matter is , as people approach towards the financial cliff that we constantly hear about and experience as well, the budgets of the government is getting even more tighter to the core. The programs that are encompassed in the curriculum of each and every academic institution all over the country face careful scrutiny prior to passing them, leaving the administrators of the school wondering if they and their school will ever confront the budget ax.

Similar to the gym classes, music departments and music classes within a lot of school systems also face the same scrutiny and have constantly been downsized, threatened, and even eliminated.

This axing of the music classes is indeed a shame. Students respond to music very well. As a matter of fact, music is a healthy food for the brain of the students. In a day that is too loaded with information, it can be a short break from letters, numbers, history, and science. Moreover, music is a part of our culture. You can never detach it actually from our culture. The school always teaches their students that music is indeed so important to the society and the culture of each and every country. Hence, if the music department shall be eliminated or downsized, it will now be depending on the creativity of a particular teacher to explore an exceptional approach in teaching that would benefit his or her students at a greater level, which will aid them better in learning and growing through incorporating a myriad of facets of music into their daily learning experience at school.